Radio Victoria Argentina, from the beginnings had supported the values of innovation, quality and trust; that marked a before and after in argentinian´s homes and businesses.

Radio Victoria was inaugurated. It functioned as a wholesaler and distribution store for electronic components for the assembly of radio receivers.


Radio Victoria opened its headquarters, located in Cangallo Street 2823 (today, Juan Domingo Perón Street) in the heart of Buenos Aires.


Radio Victoria S.A. started to manufacture CHAMPION brand television sets and audio equipment.


An industrial plant was opened to produce electronic components, television sets and audio equipment of the CHAMPION Brand.


Radio Victoria entered into the first agreemnet with HITACHI Ltd. From Japan for the manufacture and sale of HITACHI products in Argentina.


The Industrial Plant in Río Grande (province of Tierra del Fuego) was stablished. Radio Victoria Fueguina S.A. is one of the largest and leading companies in said province.


Radio Victoria Argentina S.A. was appointed as the representative of the american´s brand KELVINATOR owned by White Consolidated Industries for white line products.


Color TV was launched in Argentina and Radio Victoria along with Hitachi brand strengthened its position in the market as product leaders.


A new plant of 5.000 m2 in San Martín (province of Buenos Aires) to operate as a Distribution Center was built. Currently, its total Surface is 18.000 m2.


The manufacture of HITACHI air conditioners started.


From 1987 to 1990, Radio Victoria produced key components for IBM’s subsidiary companies.


Radio Victoria entered into an agreement with LG Electronics from Korea for the manufacture and sale of Goldstar products and later, LG products in Argentina.


Radio Victoria entered into an agreement with SONY Corporation for the production of televisión sets, video camera and audio equipment at Tierra del Fuego’s Plant.


RV Celebrates its 50th anniversary and inaugurated a new Industrial Plant in Rio Grande of 20,000 m2.


A company involved in the injection of plastics for the manufacture of cabinets and other composing parts for the products developed in Tierra del Fuego was created and integrated.


Started the production of expanded polystyrene pieces.


TCL, the world’s leading manufacturer in the TV Market, and Radio Victoria entered into an agreement for the manufacture and sale of TCL products in Argentina.


Radio Victoria acquired the license to manufacture and sell DeLonghi air conditioners.


Radio Victoria renews their branding to celebrate it's 60th anniversary.


Radio Victoria signs agreements with Audiovox and Thomson to continue developing the RCA brand in Latin America and reach 7 more countries in the region, to market a wide range of RCA products. After this important agreement, RVF opened its new offices and distribution center in Santiago de Chile (Chile).


To start the production of mobile phones and notebooks Radio Victoria expands its industrial plant in Tierra del Fuego, in addition to acquiring state-of-the-art machinery.

The new commercial offices located in CABA were built and design according to international standards.


Radio Victoria inaugurates a new logistics and distribution center on an area of ​​52,000 m2, located in Esteban Echeverría, near the Ezeiza International Airport (in the province of Buenos Aires).


ZTE, one of the most important Chinese mobile phone brands in the world, signs an exclusive agreement with Radio Victoria in Argentina.


Radio Victoria celebrates 70 years of uninterrupted work in the Argentine market.


Radio Victoria is chosen as the new distributor of the ALCATEL brand in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.


Radio Victoria becomes the No. 1 producer of televisions in Argentina this year.